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Spice is our 7 year old Pekinese and Dachshund mix.  In the summer of 2009 we noticed that she was losing weight and by that I mean nearly half of her total body weight. After a CAT scan, muscle biopsy, spinal tap and numerous consultations with vets it was finally determined that she had an auto immune problem and that her body was creating enzymes that were causing muscle degeneration. The weight that she had lost was all in lost muscle and the outlook was bleak. Her vet put her on cortisone and we waited.

After a few months of treatment, Spice’s condition stabilized and her vet recommended we see Jacqueline, who had been successful in treating a patient with a different muscle problem. In April of 2010, Spice was not only still with us, which stunned several vets, but because of her stabilized condition we decided to visit Jacqueline. It became very clear immediately that at the very least Spice enjoyed her treatments. After several visits it became clear that the combined treatments of shiatsu massage on a magnetic mat and bachbluten were helping. Spice regained muscle mass and her energy level improved dramatically.

This was a dog that was knocking on heaven’s door in 2009, but who is still happily with us after nearly two years. While we have not been able to get her off cortisone completely, Jacquline’s treatments have allowed us to bring the dosage of cortisone down to such a minimal level that she has a very good quality of life. There is no question in my mind that the combination of bachbluten and shiatsu have helped Spice’s condition considerably.

In fact, I can say for certain that I notice a drop in her energy level if I forget to give her the bachbluten. Before JacqIMG_4643uline’s treatment she could hardly get up a couple of stairs and she was also loosing her bark. Now she bounds up stairs, jumps around, barks for treats and appears to those who don’t know about her condition to be a normal dog.

We are very grateful for the treatments Jacqueline offers and thrilled Spice has made such an outstanding improvement.


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